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Midnight Lagoon in Brown_edited_edited.j


IONIAN is an atmospheric collection inspired by the Ionian sea, home to the deepest point of the Mediterranean and a constellation of lush, green islands belonging to Greece. This warm sea takes its namesake from the ancient myth of Io, lover of Zeus who swam across this sea to Egypt. The beauty of the Ionian has been admired by poets and artists throughout the ages, from Homer in ancient times to Durrell in modern times. Durrell called it a 'dark crystal' where the atmosphere is refracted and trembles in mirage. He described the light, air and blue sea of Corfu as 'drugged in its own perfection'.


This new collection is an artistic study aimed at transporting the atmosphere, light and underwater sensations of the Ionian sea to the interior space, in the form of mesmeric murals and vivid wallcoverings of thalassic shapes, lagoon shallows and abyssal depths. Clear, calming blues and greens and dusk pinks mix with an earthy palette of taupe, beige and dark umber to create an evocative collection, deeply inspired by nature. All designs are also available in fabric options. 

Isle of Skye Paint Company

Julia has partnered with the Isle of Skye Paint Company, whose organic seaweed-infused paints can be used on walls, woodwork and furniture. Paints that pair well with the Ionian collection:

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