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Ionian Horizon in Teal Mural

Ionian Horizon in Teal Mural


An expressive and painterly depiction of the horizon seen from a bay of the Ionian sea. Where the sky ends and sea begins in barely discernable, caught up in a mirage and blue sea mist. The stillness of the surface is immersive and moving, forming a soothing mural scene which suits any interior space. Layers of soft, muted colour from sky blue and pale violet merge and settle into a beautiful teal azure which envelope the interior space in colour and  softness.


Colourway: Teal

Collection: Ionian

Material: Mica coated non woven 170gsm

Roll width: 70cm

Roll length: 9.3m 

Estimated wall coverage per roll: 2.1m width

Each wallpaper roll has 3 panels.  

Each roll (3 panels) covers a wall width of 210cm (3 x 70cm) and height of up to 310cm. 

Each panel dimensions are 70cm width x 310cm height.


Each panel repeats horizontally indefinitely. Measure the wall width to determine how many panels will have to be purchased to cover the wall with the mural design.

e.g. A wall width of 420cm will require 6 panels (each panel is 70cm wide).

2 wallpaper rolls contain 6 mural panels. 


Delivery: 2 to 3 weeks. 


A rough textured pearlescent paper with a gentle light-reflecting glow.

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