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Browse stunning private and community interior design projects which demonstrate the varied and conceptually innovative nature of Julia's work.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Lamps

The Glasgow School of Art

Design group Sylwia Michalak, Ciara Davin, Julia Sagias, Alisa Gurevich, Majida Khanfar and Lucy McInally were one of the teams consulted on the Charles Rennie Mackintosh lamps project. The proposal developed at The Glasgow School of Art for the Mackintosh refurbishment team and advised the use of a driven void within the Reid building as the space in which to suspend the lighting system. Julia designed a wooden, semi-circular hanging design. Beautiful digital renders of how this would look in terms of light, form and atmosphere were created by Ciara, Alisa and Majida. Detailed material finishes and a proposed framing design of brass and painted wood was proposed by Sylwia. (Digital render by Alisa Gurevich).


Victorian Ceiling Mural Restoration

Maxwell Park Villa

Julia was recommended and hired as an artist for the conservative restoration of a 130 year old Victorian ceiling mural in Maxwell Park. This original stencil scheme was showing patches of damage and flaking paint which Julia was able to decoratively restore as part of the redesign of the villa's dining room. Gold leaf and traditional pigments were identified and material matches made before beginning the cleaning and drawing process. Three large areas of damage were completely restored using a durable and authentic matt paint in colours such as Payne's grey and umber. 24kt gold was used in the gilt work. This Baronial Revival style mural and significant part of Glasgow's architectural heritage was restored. 


 A Curated Collection of Ethical Lifestyle & Interiors

Topos means 'Place' in Greek, and emphasises the importance of place, planet and people for sustainability in the interior design industry. This is a curated range of products from a carefully researched selection of design studios, makers and artists across the world. Each of them differentiate themselves through recycled, natural and eco-friendly product design and manufacturing processes. Tiles made from recycled sinks and windows, jute rugs,  upcycled wine bottle vases, bamboo lighting, silks throws, sweetgrass baskets and other natural artisan products make up this beautiful collection. Collaboration with social enterprise projects in Africa helps empower traditional artisans. All Topos suppliers work from studios and workshops which offer fair trade. See more @toposinteriors. 

gsa proj.jpg

Conceptual Ambience

A final portfolio project created at The Glasgow School of Art during the summer lockdown of 2020. Julia redesigned and modelled her house from the inside out based on the Purism principles of Modernism and Le Corbusier. Guided by the overarching design ideal of creating the 'Gesumkunstwerk' or 'Total Work of Art', every detail was designed and hand-made with clay, gypsum and board using unifying elements. Julia created a new type of design focused on the experience of the home as a sanctuary. The composition of elements and colour were designed to promote optimum wellbeing, This three month project had a number of useful outputs for the field of interior design including a design manifesto, a lighting and mirror collection, colour book of natural earth colours, surface design, decor designs and room layout using a clear design language of architectural elements. 

The Glasgow Collaboration 

Julia Clare Interiors and The Art of Upholstery launched a new antique furniture collaboration at the end of 2020 which features Julia's surface designs, printed onto natural velvet at The Glasgow School of Art's Centre For Advanced Textiles. This is very much a 'Glasgow' collaboration borne out a local artisan practice and supply chain based on the talent the city offers. Expert upholsters, innovative digital printers and Julia's surface designs come together to revive antique pieces beautifully upholstered in a range of new designs from Julia's collections. This is a collection of one-off pieces available made to order or request and also as part of the  boutique.



Empathetic & Eco-centric Interior Design 

If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth; man would have no more than four years to liveAlbert Einstein 

Not all interior design is for humans but can be powerful to humankind. In this proposal the redundant Brutalist water tower becomes biophilic host to a new ecosystem and neoplastic space for bees. The goal of this interior design; to promote global pollination of plants. Julia demonstrated some of her ideas through concrete models and artwork as well as detailed interior drawings and material experiments using laser cut honeycomb structures, wax, gold dust and concrete. This resulted in a variety of unexpected design outputs including not only the interior design of the water tower, but also material designs for tiles and concrete lighting all inspired by the water tower.

Gilding & Specialist Deco

Julia's penchant for gold leaf and the ancient process of gilding is evident across her designs.  She uses 24kt gold, champagne gold, moon gold, chaplain, palladium, brass, as well as pearl layers in her everyday practice as an interior artist and designer. Julia uses gold leaf almost as a different colour on her furniture art and has decorated fireplaces, ceilings and carved interior details for numerous projects.


Get in touch for specialist gilding and art work projects such as cornices and period features. It also looks beautiful as a table top surface. Julia also teaches the technique and can be booked for a one-to-one master class or group party. 

gilding collage.jpg
interior design.jpg

Greek Villa & Landscape Design

This project had at its core a variety of textural contrasts synonymous with the Greek villa. From rustic paving bricks to gloss-finished mid-century furniture, dark walnut flooring with upcycled decor and furniture, this design achieved a sense of vintage charm and calm with modern and upcycled touches. Original bare limestone and marble flooring was retained and emphasised by painting interior surfaces with a white wash. River stones, drift wood, and fragrant botanical choices of jasmine and bay tree rows were introduced for an authentic but minimally designed garden punctuated with beds of natural stone, hibiscus and citrus trees. 

Community Upcycling Workshop

The Art Space 

In partnership with The Isle of Skye Paint Company, Julia Clare Interiors ran its debut community upcycling workshop in The Art Space in Glasgow's Southside in 2020. This had immediate uptake and  was designed as a four week course with the aim of teaching through guided practice, the process of artistic furniture upcycling with gilding. Furniture painting as a therapeutic past time and learning a new artistic skills was introduced with the aim of instilling a sense of confidence for continued practice at home. 

This was followed by The Upcycling Started Kit which Julia created during lock down as a creative diversion at home. Julia is passionate about the elevation of upcycling and reduction of waste within the interiors industry. 


Faux Marble & Luxury Upcycling;

A Living Room Redesign

This interior design project centred around the decorative transformation of an original panelled wall unit. This was an authentic, dark wood feature with elegant, Danish silhouette but it darkened this North-facing room. Julia advised a nature material effect for this and the coffee table to create a flowing, harmonious interior space to complement a new fluted limestone fireplace. 

Hand-painted with marbling technique and gold flecks, this is an understated but striking aspect of the space which retains an Modernist minimalism of form and retention of natural materiality. 

The Hummingbird Mural

Hand-painted hummingbirds emerge out of mist and clouds into a golden sky. This IKEA hack project defines the atmosphere of a new master bedroom redesign. A gentle mural painting replaces and elevates the ubiquitous built-in wardrobe.


Time and hassle was saved by not tearing out these cupboards and replacing them with another storage option. Instead, the mural commission meant a unique and artistic interior feature. Julia chose rich, jewel colours against a hand-painted and brushed antique gold backdrop. Natural agate slices in blue, purple, green and pink with brass detail were sourced and fitted to replace the original long chrome fittings.

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