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Julia Clare Sagias, Designer & Artist

About Julia

Julia Clare Sagias is a Scottish artist and designer. She graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2020 with a MDes in Interior Design after winning a scholarship. Her undergraduate degree in History of Art was gained in 2006 from the University of Glasgow. 

Julia is a practising artist and passionate designer. She runs a successful artistic interior design business which offers bespoke wallpaper and textile design, spatial layout, colour consultancy, upcycled furniture and artistic responses to the interior space. Her conceptual design skill has led to the creation of four distinctive collections: Etherea, Gaia, Beyond Antiquity and Nouveau Botanique.

Each collection is derived from her interpretations of both natural and architectural motifs and textures, from the celestial and botanical to the geological and archaeological. 

Mindfully created for the interior space, her designs captivate the user with ethereal impressions of another place, moment or feeling. They create positive moods and atmospheres, feelings of calm, and a meaningful connection with the spaces we occupy.

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