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Midnight Lagoon in Black Mural

Midnight Lagoon in Black Mural


An expressive and painterly depiction of the deep lagoon-like bays of the Ionian sea; warm at the surface, even at night, but cool at the darker depths. This is an immersive and moving mural scene which suits any interior space. Layers of soothing colour from the palest of umber, to ash blue, olive and deep aubergine merge and settle into a dark sea floor which envelope the interior space in richness and warmth. 


Colourway: Black

Collection: Ionian

Material: Mica coated non woven 170gsm

Roll width: 70cm

Roll length: 9.3m 

Estimated wall coverage per roll: 2.1m width

Each wallpaper roll has 3 panels.  

Each roll (3 panels) covers a wall width of 210cm (3 x 70cm) and height of up to 310cm. 

Each panel dimensions are 70cm width x 310cm height.


Each panel repeats horizontally indefinitely. Measure the wall width to determine how many panels will have to be purchased to cover the wall with the mural design.

e.g. A wall width of 420cm will require 6 panels (each panel is 70cm wide).

2 wallpaper rolls contain 6 mural panels. 


Delivery: 2 to 3 weeks. 


A rough textured pearlescent paper with a gentle light-reflecting glow.

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