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This is a timeless design with subtle colour transitions which form a vapourous and muted effect. The harmonious quatrefoil shape is the ancient symbol of goodluck in some cultures and has enjoyed a renaissance in recent interior designs, or perhaps it's never really gone away. An architectural motif of the stone mason, its shape is reminsant of historic architecture and design from ancient temples and Moorish gardens to Gothic cathedrals. An ethereal design which works well with a wide range of interior colours and finishes. 


Colourway: Grey & mint

Material: Mica coated non woven 170gsm

Roll width: 52cm

Roll length: 10m 

Estimated wall coverage: 5.2 sq.m

Pattern Repeat: 26cm


Delivery: 2 to 3 weeks. 


A rough textured pearlescent paper with a gentle light-reflecting glow.

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