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Palladium Lines

Palladium Lines


Influenced by architectural and sculptural forms from antiquity to Art Deco, this timeless and simple design reveals the glowing lustre of Palladium; one of the rarest and most precious primordial metals on earth. This linear design highlights the gilt architectural surface on a soft, natural pink. The beauty of this metal is named after the Greek goddess Pallas Athena and the asteroid that bears her namesake.


Colourway: Pale pink

Collection: Beyond Antiquity

Material: Mica coated non woven 170gsm

Roll width: 52cm

Roll length: 10m 

Estimated wall coverage: 5.2 sq.m

Pattern Repeat: 26cm


Delivery: 2 to 3 weeks. 


A rough textured pearlescent paper with a gentle light-reflecting glow.

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